Our Senior Leadership sets the pace for excellence and innovation. This team has over 90 years’ combined experience working with private and public sector clients, including every federal agency. Additionally, several members of our Leadership team have received performance and leadership awards, including honors such as the President’s Lifetime Achievement Award – and honor bestowed upon LTR President and CEO Todd Rogers by the Biden Administration in 2022.

Firsthand experience makes a difference. LTR offers customers direct knowledge and understanding of the complex issues facing both businesses and government agencies. We can draw upon best practices and emerging technology to design an optimal solution.

We infuse experience and knowledge to support every step toward an effective technology solution. Every member of our senior leadership team is committed to working with our project teams to deliver quality service with measurable results.

Todd Rogers is the President and CEO of LTR. He brings over 30 years of experience supporting strategic efforts for federal, commercial, and international clients. His experience in introducing new technologies includes the widespread use of Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) to meet complex regulatory and organizational needs; implementation of Virtual Computing to optimize resource utilization and improve secure information storage; Capital Planning, Governance and Investment Control (CPIC) for federal agencies in accordance with GAO and congressional guidelines; Data Analytics to define financial and spatial trends; IV&V and Network Scanning and strategic positioning and outreach, including Congress and C-level executives in federal agencies and commercial organizations.

Todd presents a wealth of professional experience. He was the Director for the federal government practice for Shavlik, a global leader in IT management and network security systems. Additionally, Todd led government sales and business development for ESRI and Dun & Bradstreet global firms recognized as industry leaders in the fields of data analytics and GIS, building and managing a multimillion-dollar portfolio within each enterprise. He has led project teams in the areas of geospatial information systems, security software, and business and data analytics. Over his career, Todd’s client list includes support to 25 federal, state, and local government agencies, including recent work on contracts supporting the Department of Homeland Security, Department of Agriculture, and National Geospatial Agency.

As President and CEO of Logical Technology and Research (LTR), Todd not only leads business development, he provides subject matter expertise and is directly involved in allocating resources to ensure proper execution of every assignment. As a veteran in the industry, he applies his career experience to direct the company’s activities related to new or existing collaborations; develop responses to federal and commercial invitations to bid, RFPs, and solicitations; and manage the contract portfolio.