Department of Homeland Security, Federal Emergency Management Agency


For FEMA/DHS, LTR experts have provided multiple mission critical support services. Our Team understands well the FEMA mission to support citizens and first responders. LTR also recognizes the critical role of an efficient, timely IT infrastructure to enable FEMA to interact effectively with local and regional first responders and emergency aid providers.
The LTR Team has provided a range of support for FEMA in the areas of IT support, including: security architecure, geospatial information services, life cycle governance and portfolio management, and capital planning and investment control. Our work in these areas is summarized below:
These functions are all deeply interrelated, resulting in a secure overall architecture for FEMA with a structured approach to introduce new technologies as they become needed and/or available. Further, this enterprise view of FEMA’s IT environment supports the effective coordination of all capital planning and investment, supporting effective IT budgeting and fact-based decision making, while meeting all GAO budgetary standards. Each of these efforts play a role in the overall architecture of the FEMA enterprise architecture and also influence the direction of the Agency’s regional systems. Together, these projects help the Agency define and maintain the security of its IT environment.
LTR Team members draw upon experience supporting FEMA’s security position. With LTR support, the Agency has performed consistently in GAO reviews of information security measures for sensitive information. LTR has worked with Agency staff to provide technical support for records management, including completion of all Assessment and Authorization activities and implementation of FISMA continuous monitoring under recently implemented Risk Management Framework guidelines from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).